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I have a fatal obsession with cuteness.

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I'm a librarian who lives in Perth, Western Australia. I'm interested in the pursuit of knowledge through reading and study. I spend most of my time studying or working in the library. I also like doing less serious things like dancing, going to the movies, eating out and just hanging out with my friends. I have a wide and varied taste in music which has been cultivated by the influence of older siblings, friends, listening to CDs in 78's and watching Rage! For a more thorough list of my interests see 'interests' below.

In general I'm a happy, friendly sort of gal and if my journal seems interesting to you and you think you might like to hear about the happenings and musings of my everyday life, go ahead and friend me.
16th century verse, 80s pop culture, ab fab, alan davies, alan rickman, animal collective, ballet, ballroom, baroque, beauty, belle & sebastian, bhangra, bjork, black books, blackadder, blonde hair, blondie, bollywood, book shops, bouncy castles, boys boys boys, british comedy, buffy the vampire slayer, cartoons, cats, charlie kauffman, climbing trees, corelli, cosplay, cuddles, dancing, david bowie, ddr, debussy, deep conversations, dr who, english renaissance literature, exercise, fashion, freedom, funky squad, garbage, gershwin, gluten free eating, gwen stefani, hair, harajuku girls, harry potter, henry rollins, hugh laurie, humanism, idealists, italy, jamie oliver, japanese food, joanna newsom, john keats, joy division, karaoke, kath and kim, knights in shining armour, knowledge, libraries, long hair, lost, love, macintosh computers, magnetic fields, makeovers, matt & kim, medieval history, monty python, movies, mozart, musicals, mystery jets, neutral milk hotel, never mind the buzzcocks, new order, nintendo ds, noah and the whale, opera, philip pullman, phoenix, piano, pixies, puccini, purcell, radiohead, reading, rem, renaissance art, research, romantic idealism, romantic love, sex, shakespeare film adaptations, singstar, somerville theatre, spaced, stephen fry, sushi, swimming, teen titans, the beach, the beatles, the breeders, the cure, the dandy warhols, the decemberists, the doors, the mighty boosh, the office, the pigeon detectives, the postal service, the presets, the ramones, the romantic poets, the shins, the smashing pumpkins, the smiths, tofu, tree houses, trees, truth, unisfa, unshelved, uwa, vegetarianism, verdi, victorian literature, wheat free eating, william shakespeare, writing.