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Meme - In Love with Fictional Men. Who do you love?

I just joined this group on Facebook, but I am in love with loads of fictional men because I am a sad fangirl. I thought I'd post the list of fictional men that people are in love with, because some of them are rather odd. Bold the ones you like, bold and underline the ones you totally love Italicise the ones you've never heard of.

Mr. Bingley, P&P
Will Tippen, ALIAS
Al, Wild Hearts Can't be Broken
Harry, Spiderman
Jim Craig, The Man from Snowy River
Harry, Harry Potter
Alejandro (Antonio Banderas), The Mask of Zorro
Graham, The Holiday
Jesse, The Mediator
Con, Sunshine ( by Robin McKinley)

Danny, CSI NY
George, The Lioness Quartet
Mendanbar, The Enchanted Forest

Gilbert Bylthe, Anne of Green Gables
Mr. Knightly, Emma
Guy Patterson, That Thing You Do
Prince Charmont, Ella Enchanted (book!)
Phil of the Future
Jack Shephard, Lost
Michael Schofield, Prison Break
Dimitri, Anastasia
Mr. Darcy, P&P
Colonel Brandon, Sense and Sensibility
Jim Halpert, The Office
Michael Vaughn, Alias
Will Turner, Pirates of the Caribbean
Edward Cullen, Twilight
Commodore Norrington, Pirates of the Caribbean
Prince Caspian, Narnia
Scott Summers, X-Men
Remington Steele, Remington Steele
James Bond, The Pierce Brosnan James Bond films and Casino Royale
Eric Pedersen, Fire of the Covenant
Nathan Steed, The Work and the Glory
Derek Ingalls, The Work and the Glory
Matthew Steed, The Work and the Glory

Charlie, Italian Job
Ronald Weasley, Harry Potter
Bob Rueland, Return to Me
Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly
Riddick- Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick
Sherlock Holmes
Robin Hood played by Jonas Armstrong- BBC's Robin Hood
Cornelius- Thumbelina
Mike Delfino- Desperate Housewives
Jack Sparrow- Pirates of the Caribbean
Cyrano de Bergerac

Sirius Black- Harry Potter
Phantom of the Opera -
I love the 2004 movie version Phantom, not the Some mothers do 'ave em Phantom!
Aidan Shaw -Sex and the City
Angel- Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel
Mr Thornton - North and South
Remus Lupin- Harry Potter
Lord Peter Wimsey

Tarzan, played by Travis Fimmel
Peter Pevensie-Narnia
Frank-N-Furter- Rocky Horror
Jareth the Goblin King- Labyrinth I like him in a wierd David Bowie way.
Sonny Corinthos- General Hospital
Landon Carter- A Walk to Remember
Carlisle Cullen- Twilight
Tidus- Final Fantasy X
Chandler- Friends
Bloo- Fosters home for imaginary friends
Jack Dawson- Titanic
Captain Jack Harkness - Torchwood
Christian- Moulin Rouge  I've got a thing for bohemian youths (Elizabeth understands!)
Howl - Howl's moving castle
Logan Echolls- Veronica Mars
Dean and Sam Winchester- Supernatural
Wesley - The Princess Bride
Edward Rochester
Dr. House
Valentine Xavier- Orpheus Descending
Willie Lahay- Love's Enduring Promise
The Vampire Lestat
Louis du Pont du Lac
Dwarf Herman- Enchanted Forest.
Weasley Twins- Harry Potter
Dr. Who in general
Prince Henry- Ever After
Zach Morris- Saved By the Bell
Cedric Diggory- Harry Potter
Batman- Batman Begins (Christian Bale)
Anakin Skywalker- Star Wars Episode III
Han Solo
Henry DeTamble
Lucius Malfoy
Captain Wentworth- Persuasion
Ned Kynaston -Stage Beauty
Will Shakespeare -shakespeare in love
Benedick -Much Ado About Nothing
atticus -to kill a mockingbird
Rhett Butler - Gone with the Wind
Shakespeare's Love's Labours Lost men
Vemeer -Girl With a Pearl Earring
Dom- the Protector of the Small quartet
Syaoran and Eriol -Cardcaptor Sakura
Zelgadis- Slayers
phantom thief dark
satoshi (all three from DN Angel)
"Tod" from the Cristi Miller series
Tetsu Hayami -Blue Submarine No. 6
Michael Hosea- Redeeming Love
Piz -Veronica Mars
Romeo- Baz Lhurman’s Romeo and Juliet
Johnny Castle -Dirty Dancing
Peter Pan
Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Sohma -Fruits Basket
Jamie Frasier- Outlander Series
Sean Bean -Sharpe
Lucius Hunt -The Village Only because it's Joaquin Phoenix!
Gambit - X-men
Jacob Black – Twilight
Jess Mariano- Gilmore Girls
Vidanric- Sherwood Smith's Crown Duel
Henry -The Time Traveler's Wife
Zane -Hawksong
Tam Lin

Spike- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Roiben -Tithe and Ironside
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