Helen (helen_jess) wrote,

Gift suggestions.

A few people have asked me what I want for my birthday.  Do not feel any obligation to buy a present at all, just come to my party and celebrate with me!

Well I'll start with the most obvious, things that are Hello Kitty.  I do have a fair bit of stuff already, but I would like another mobile phone charm, stationery, plush toys, home accessories etc.A  Check with Adam if you want to check if I have something.

Buffy and Angel DVDs, i have none of these and want to start collecting them.

Princess Tutu DVDs

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind DVD

BBC Pride and Prejudice Miniseries DVD

Dr Who DVDs and any 10th Doctor / Rose merchandise

Ken Branagh's Hamlet or any other Hamlet Film adaptation on DVD

Books! I want a new copy of Wuthering Heights as I've lost mine and want a new one
The Book Thief
A nice copy of Shakespeare's Sonnets
Pastoral and Lyric Poems 1681 by Andrew Marvell edited by Christopher Wortham
Shakespeare the invention of human by Harold Bloom
The Daring Book for Girls

Singstar PS2 games.  I have Rocks, 80s, party hits and legends

Nintendo DS games - Mario Party, Mario at the Olympic Games, Zelda, Sudoku or Scrabble

Emergency Feet - LIttle ballet shoes in a bag you buy from Sportgirl stores.

Little folding chair for picnics from Sportgirl.

Picnic basket set

Gift voucher for Ella Bache - A girl needs her beauty treatments!

Myer gift voucher - this will most certainly be appreciated as I love many things in Myer.

Cute and pretty things, cushions, decorations, hair things, jewellery,hats, diamond tiaras :P

Harajuku Lovers perfume in G

Any pjs from Peter Alexander. I'm size M or 12.

Flowers! I love fresh flowers!

Stuff from Lush or other girly type things from the Body Shop, Crabtree and Evelyn, L'Occitanne or Myer.

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